Certified Homestay Communities

We are connected with families located in different countries in Central and Latin America and different types of communities. Would you like to experience a traditional rural lifestyle? Some of our families are located in small rural communities where they grow their own vegetables and drink milk from Lola, the family cow. Or would you prefer to live and stay in a cosmopolitan town? Some families live close to the downtown and to the top bars and restaurants.  Or, how about a town with a strong local culture? Some families live in small towns where you can walk among local street markets, and you will experience traditional life in a more urbanized setting. 


Cuenca          Pulingui (Riobamba)           Namarin (Saraguro)           Zamora


La Antigua     San Juan La Laguna      Nebaj      Todos Santos   Quetzaltenango


San Cristobal de las Casas


Granada         Niquinohomo  and Catarina (Masaya)      Leòn     Chacraseca (León)

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