Certified Homestay Families

Certified families are excited about opening their homes, hearts, culture, and their language to those, like you, interested in sharing it.

Each homestay family and each home is visited at various times throughout the year to ensure that the standards are maintained for you to experience a safe and supportive homestay and environment. 

"Living with [Certified Homestay] host families in different regions of Ecuador has not only improved my Spanish, but has also taught me so much about their culture. I think this was one of the best aspects of SECorps and what makes it stand out from so many other programs like it. Although our time was short, I truly appreciated and treasured all of my mamás and hermanitos and I’m confident to say that I know they feel the same."

- Judy K. from USA, Ecuador Homestay

Life with the family


Meal times are often the most important time for conversation, sharing stories and, of course, practicing your language skills. Meals are traditional and simple, yet can be healthy and wholesome.  Expect to meet extended members over food.  Latin American families generally maintain close relationships and are very large.  Food is what brings everyone together!

The bedroom

You will be given your own bed with a mattress and clean linen.  Your bedroom will be secure and private.


Most families have a shower that uses an electric water heater to directly heat the running water as it passes through the shower head.  It is most probably not going to be as great as your shower at home, though it gets the job done!  Some families may bathe using bucket baths or even a sauna style.  We can talk through the specifics of the bathing situation once you arrive in the community!  You will be offered the option of bathing once a day.

Coming and going 

You will have your own key to the house or someone will be in the home at all times to allow you to enter and leave as you please.  You can discuss any evening plans with the family so that they can know what time to expect you back.  Evenings are a great time to bond with the family and play with the children!

Part of the family

Staying in a homestay for just a few days will leave you with unforgettable experiences and beautiful new friendships.  If you will be staying for a little longer than a few days it is not unusual to be invited to birthday parties and family events!

"  In Nebaj, my host mom dressed me in traditional dress one afternoon and told me about the history and importance of the red cortes and colorful huipiles as we walked around town…Each family had their own story to tell and way of integrating me into their home that taught me more about the communities we worked with and the issues we were addressing.  "

– Alison D. from USA, Guatemala Homestay

Meet some of our Certified Families in Ecuador!
Example family profile

Mother and Father: Deflina and Mariano

Occupations:  Cook, agriculture, factory worker

Children: 4

Past times:  Animal husbandry, cooking

Home Location: Pulingui, Riobamba, Ecuador

Where can I join a Certified Homestay family?